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"The Competition Is Fierce... Are You Able To Keep Up?"

Your business must connect with prospects online or you will fall behind your competition... Learn these strategies to:
  • Build attractive websites that captivate the interest of your prospects, luring them in with a highly compelling marketing message
  • Establish yourself as an expert authority in your field by learning how to create the kind of content your targeted audience has been searching for
  • Convert more people into leads, customers, and fans of your business by applying simple, practical internet marketing techniques that work

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The first individual series of my Learn To Blog Series covers a topic that I’m very passionate about… MANY quick rising bloggers have benefited from implementing this strategy:

Understanding Emotional Triggers to Fuel Rapid Blog Growth

It may seem like I’m laying out a lot of empty promises, if it does I apologize for that. Allow me to follow through with them… starting with this one:

I promised you eBooks and reports for many of the post series I’m planning out, and I’ve finished my first one.

I’m getting ready to let you have it, but first I’ve got three quick stories to share and a couple of people to get in touch with (and I’ve got a secret bonus lined up for when I give you the eBook… ;) ).

I have a passion for the psychology of influence and enchantment, as well as for writing effective web copy. That’s what my first series teaches (look at the strategy I mentioned above)

But how can this benefit you?

That’s the important question to answer… so we are going to take a look at three of the top performers in my industry when it comes to the idea of rapid blog growth.

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First of all let me tell you, there is a formula for rapid blog growth.

It is a sequence of stages you must move your blog through. The results of your actions in each stage reflect the “growth” of your blog.

Here’s an interesting thing about blog “growth”… because it is made up of so many different components, it has what you could consider a core part.

That core is the foundation of “growth”. Do you know what this core is?

Haha I won’t pretend to be all mysterious with this one. It’s a simple answer: community.

It’s kind of weird to explain, but really a blog has two separate foundations that kind of depend on each other. One is the foundation of your value, the other is the foundation of your audience.

One you can work on directly, the other you have to attract. As they both grow separately, they both contribute to the growth of one another.

So, that leads me to my first point…

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This post is off topic from the usual, but it’s still something you need to hear…

Do you want more comments on your blog posts?

I’m sure you do. I’ve recently made some additions to my blog which will bring in more comments overall and will benefit my readers more when they leave comments. The tricks below are the same changes I’ve made here, so you might want to consider them yourself.

Some of you may already use these simple tricks to get your comments up, but then again you might not… plus, I’ve got one more bonus trick to explain that you probably have never heard before.

I’ll keep this one short (sorry, this one doesn’t eclipse the 1,000 word mark unfortunately… :D )

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The Ultimate Guide For Writing Great Blog Content

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